Umbrella PAYE FAQs

Is there a charge for using Quickstep?
  We retain a small amount from the incoming funds from the agency/client. This will be shown as “margin” on your payslip or remittance advice.
Do I receive Holiday Pay?

Each pay period you get paid, you accrue holiday pay on your basic pay which is included in the rate we receive from the agency. As you accrue holiday, you have the choice of two options as to how you receive this. The most popular choice with our contractors is the standard option to have the holiday pay from each pay period retained in to a holiday pot which means that money is available for you to take when you need to.

Alternatively, the other option is to have your holiday pay paid out to you each pay period on top of your basic pay. This means you receive what you have accrued from that period, but if you have any time off you won't have any holiday pay to claim.

How can I claim my retained Holiday Pay?
  If you wish to claim an amount or all of your retained holiday pay then please email requesting the value and when you wish to receive the payment.
I work for the QCS Umbrella, why does my payslip show a deduction for employer’s national insurance contributions?
  We try to give you as much information as possible on your payslip so that you can see how your pay is calculated, beginning with the amount which is paid to QCS for your services. This is your contract rate. This amount includes the costs associated with employment i.e. our margin, holiday pay and Employer’s National Insurance. We account for these costs first and then calculate your pay.
Can I claim Expenses?
  Expenses can only be claimed providing you are eligibile to claim and they can only be claimed on certain things. To find out if you're eligible to claim, you must complete an expenses eligibility assessment which can be found here. More details on what can be claimed can be found in our expenses policy.
My payslip shows pensions are being deducted, but I did not ask for this?
  Pension deductions are made as part of auto enrolment for workplace pensions. This is a legal requirement to enrol any workers who meet the eligibility criteria. If you do not wish to contribute to a workplace pension, then you are entitled to opt out should you wish to do so. This can be done by contacting the pension provider who will provide the details about this process on enrolment.