If you are already contracting through your own limited company or, if you’ve recently decided that this way of contracting would best suit your circumstances, Quickstep Contracting Services (QCS) Limited Company Services will ensure that you remain compliant with all regulatory requirements including IR35.

Tax Benefits

It is often the case that providing services through a limited company structure can open up new contracting opportunities which are not available to employees or sole traders. By contracting in this way, you will be able to structure your remuneration to suit your individual circumstances and to be tax efficient.

How it works:

  • Quickstep will enter into a contract of service for your limited company.
  • You will source an assignment for your company. Once secured you will need to inform us so that we can arrange for the necessary contractual agreement with the agency/client.
  • Quickstep will enter into a contract for your services with the end user agency /client, issue invoice for your services and make payment directly upon receipt of your invoice.
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Professional Advisory Services

In order that the regulatory requirements of running a limited company are met in full, we strongly recommend that you engage the services of a professional adviser such as an accountant.

Quickstep has negotiated preferential rates with a local accountancy company Elixir Accounts Limited who are able to provide specialist accountancy service designed to meet the needs of a limited company contractor.

The accountancy company will help set up your limited company, arrange corporate banking facilities, manage all the administration associated with the limited company contracting (including invoicing, expenses) and prepare end of year accounts. As part of the registration process, we will provide you will all the necessary information and contact details of our preferred supplier for you to consider.

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Advice Line

Advice Line

We recognise it’s not easy to decide which contract method is best for you. In order that you make an informed decision, our team can help you with your questions.

Call Quickstep Contracting Services Limited on 0333 344 8020 or email admin@quickstepcs.co.uk.

Choosing Quickstep will enable you to reduce the administration burden often associated with contracting, leaving you free to enjoy more time.

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